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Stepping Into Mission 2017

Everyone seems to be talking about “being missional” these days. The big question for some is how can talk about being missional be translated into a missional life? For others, being missional sounds thoroughly intimidating and something to be avoided. The Great Commission was given to all disciples, not a select few, and was meant to be a blessing, a gift.

On February 18th a number of local churches will get together with 500,000 Churches (an indigenous mission organisation based in India that sends church-planters to the unreached parts of India) and Agapé Student Life, Newcastle (who have been successfully using very creative and innovative approaches to student mission) to explore what this might look like.

We’ll listen to the Bible, hear stories and think practically about how we can be missional through sessions, workshops, worship, prayer and reflection, and we’ll eat cake. Come and step into what God is doing in Newcastle and around the world! Seminars to choose from:

- Simple, Practical evangelism with our friends and neighbours, with Agapé Student Life

- An Introduction to Apologetics with acclaimed apologist, Jonathan McLatchie - Mission foundations: the importance of intimacy with God, with Andy Carribine (YWAM Newcastle)

- The Church and Social Justice: taking the plunge, with Simon Cook (Action Foundation)

FREE Entry.

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