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"The Case for Intelligent Design" and "The Molecular Challenge to Evolution" (United Kingdom)

  • Kensington Temple Kensington Park Road London, W11 3BY United Kingdom (map)

There are few topics as contentious and divisive as the question of our origins: Are we the result of the blind and purposeless outworking of nature, or are we here as the result of the purposeful intent of an intelligent agent? Most people have heard about the approach taken to biological origins known as Intelligent Design.

But with conflicting messages and frequently false representations by the media, people are often left unsure what to think. In this presentation, doctoral student Jonathan McLatchie seeks to clarify and illuminate the key bones of contention that are live in the debate, dispel popular misconceptions about the theory, and answer the most frequent objections.

After a short break, Jonathan will explore some of the challenges to modern evolutionary theory coming from molecular biology. Both talks will last approximately 50 minutes.